Can Jealousy Ever Be Healthy In A Relationship?

So, can jealousy ever be healthy in a relationship? Couples and relationship experts alike have been known to differ in their opinion about jealousy in a relationship. On one side, it’s believed jealousy brings toxic emotions that will render a good relationship beyond that of repair, with trust issues.

Others believe that there becomes an awareness of how important their relationship is when jealousy comes into play. They realize that they care about each other to that extent.

In this article we want to examine these two very different sides of this to answer that seemingly controversial question…

Can Jealousy Ever Be Healthy In A Relationship?

In The Case, That jealousy Is Bad In A Relationship

Jealousy that you don’t confront can make the situation very nasty in a New York Minute. Here’s one way that jealousy can kick in, and allow you to think the worst. It can happen when you find your significant other having an innocent conversation with an attractive person of the opposite sex. Sure, you can confront them, and they’ll give you an honest answer. This is when the jealousy takes over. You can’t just let it drop, and it turns into an unnecessary argument that could have been avoided.

In a situation like this, there’s nothing beneficial about jealousy whatsoever to all parties involved. The trust factor wanes tremendously, making it very uncomfortable to be with each other, as well as continuing the relationship. Always being paranoid and suspicious is going to be a constant drag, and it’s even worse for the other. Being continually suspicious, allows the feeling of always being watched with your every move and walking on eggshells.

In The Case, That jealousy Is God In A Relationship

If you can handle the jealous feelings in the right way, this could be a benefit to the relationship. Taking the same situation as above, it’s possible that you could look at it in an entirely different and positive light. When seeing your partner having a conversation with an attractive person of the opposite sex, don’t think about that as a reason to engage in an argument.

Use this as a chance to realize the importance of your relationship, and how much you care, appreciate and love being in their company. Think of how lucky you were to run across them, and that they’re with you instead of someone else. At the end of the day, they’re with you. Allow them to know how much you care about them by doing something nice for them. Make them know how much you care and love them as much as you can.

Jealousy can be helpful for both of you if you can channel your feelings in this way. It’ll allow you both to have a lot of fun together without the distraction of a fictional situation. You’ll be permitted to express yourself in a positive manner a lot easier, ensuring more quality time for you both and strengthening your relationship.

How to positively respond to jealous feelings in a relationship

It’s not about the jealousy in itself, but how you respond to your jealous notions that matter most. Thankfully, even if your response is somewhat contrary, you don’t have to camp there in those feelings allowing them to fester. There are some easy things that you can do to turn that around.

First, every day you want to think purposely of all the reasons that you love your partner. Take 10 to 15 minutes to reflect on this and let it sink in. By making this a habit every day, it should remain on the front of your mind as to the positive nature of your relationship. A positive nature will make it much harder to respond in a negative way if situations happen that make you feel jealous.

Next, try to spend as much quality time with your partner as you can. One of the reasons jealousy even starts, is that complacency sets in. If you begin to take your partner for granted, you can be sure there’s going to be bad thoughts if the above situation happens again. You can’t just watch TV without some conversation. Communication issues are one of the leading reasons for breakups. When there’s no communication, all there is left are assumptions, which will get you into trouble every time. Communication is the lifeblood of your relationship.

Lastly, if jealousy persists, and you can’t seem to focus away from the negative thoughts, then again, communication is a must! You’re going to have to talk about it, and when you do, you have to be non-confrontational about it. Let them know about your feelings, and that this is who you are. Do this without blaming them in any way by making assumptions. Try to be responsive in a positive way to what they say.

If there are any disagreements, take them on one at a time. Don’t flood the whole conversation with a negative discussion. This discussion is meant to be an open, slow-moving honest conversation to make everything satisfyingly clear to take steps to make the relationship enhanced.

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